"Fakes and reproductions"

Due to the high demand causing high prices on collectibles from the german 1933-1945 era, there are vast numbers of scoundrels trying to make easy money. They often sell postwar items as original ww2 or new artificially aged items. The item on the left are a postwar waterbottle wich is very similar to the ww2 types. The production of field gear etc did not stop after 1945 and postwar items have the smell and apperance as ww2 era productions. E.G the ZF-4 scope was used after ww2 and produced. Other items are stil in use and production today, e.g the belts and beltstarters for the MG34 and Mg42.
The most faked objects are the expensive and rare items. Especially medals has been widely reproduced. Waffen ss items an pouches for the mp44 and mp40 are also very often busted as fakes. This is due to the high profit margin. Another way of creating value is to reattach original insignia to a denazified tunic. They often use original ww2 thread to attach them. At first glance they will be difficult to detect.