The experiments on a new weapon type startet in the mid 1800's but it was the horrific Trench warfare in Worldwar I that proved the submachineguns use during tactical warfare. Andreas Scwartzlose and Hugo Schmeisser of C.G Haenal that got the task of creating the new weapon after countless attempts of using the luger artillery and the C/96 as what we now know as submachinguns. It was Hugo Schmeisser together with Bergmann weapons works that created the first prototype. It was named the MP18 after Maschinenpsitole and the year of creation, 1918. It was used by the stosstruppen to clear out trenches. It was very expensive to produce as it was handmade. At the end of WWI it is estimated that around 10000 was produced in total. It uses the 9mm(0,354in) Cartridge. The Mp38 is very similar but has a selective fire option.The picture at the left shows a MP40 produced by Steyr Daimler puch in the year 42/43.
After WWI the versailles treaty restricted the german arms industry as they were not allowed to produce and experiment elsewhere. This location was Austria. Here the MP28, Bergmann and the Steyr Solothurn saw its birth. The development continued as Hotler renunced the versailles treaty and the Mp38 was made. This was used at the start of the second world war and was soon replaced by the more cost effective MP40. The MP18, Mp28, Begrmann and the Solothurn was widely used during the entire second world war at second fronts, the police and in particular the waffen SS units. The development culminated as the MP43 was first made, but the MP had its uses by paratroopers and in vehicles. The picture at the right shows a rare variation of the Steyr Solothurn. It is a Model 30 chambered for the 9mm Mauser export cartridge. It is assumed that less than 6000 was ever produced.