The German 'Selbstladegewehr'

The gewehr 43, a presentation of the rifle

The mainstay of the german armed forces during the war were equipped with the Kar98 mauser rifle wich had proved its reliability and abilities during the first world war. When the opertaion 'barbarossa' started the german forces soon encountered soviet troops equipped with semi-automatic wepaons such as the svt-1. Many were captured by the germans and used against its former owners. Also the allies had their garand rifles. The ability to shoot ten rounds without operating a bolt could mean survival for the single soldier. The german army soon figured this out. With the development of the sturmgewehr the G43/K43 would eventually be obsolete(authors opinion). The reason is that the G43 was not as suitable as a sniperrifle as the K98 because of poorer accuracy a longrange. The shiny brass thrown about ten meters+ would also be able reveal the sharpsjooter.The Stg44 equipped the individual soldier with a semiautomatic weapon with a magazine that keeps thirty rounds and also could fire full automatic fire. Picture on the left shows a G43 produced by BLM in 1944-
The first impression a collector gets of this rifle is that its crude and made in a hurry, but a closer study shows it as a reliable and complex weapon. Some says that you need a 'shooters kit' and that its dangerous to shoot with, but how did the german soldiers survive with this weapon during the war?