The German Handguns used by the german armed forces during WW2

A Limited selection of encountered firearms

The P08 luger is the most known pistol made by the germans during ww2. Its special look make it an icon very hunted by the allied souvenirhunters of ww2. It is very accurate and fits the hand of the shooter very well. Made by different manufacturers and different version it is a field of collecting of its own. The pages presented here is a very limited presentation of some of the pistols used by the germans during the war. It has to be limited because of the amount of information and variation of weapons. The menu to the left presents some of the models. The differentpages also contains some links within the page on different subjects about the individual gun. Such as disassembly, exploded view etc..
Collecting german handguns is an eternal collecting du to all the different types and the different variation of one single gun. The number of different markings found on lugers, different variations encountered and so on makes it very interesting. This page will only present the luger as a luger and not go into the depht. The gun on the right is a curiosity. Its a american designed wepaon, produced in Norway, by the germans. It is manufactured at the Kongsberg armory in 1941. The germans also produced 40mm bofors and krag-rifles here. More of this in the menu at the left.  As always, mistakes will be made on this page so feel free to send an e-mail if you have information or pictures of variations of guns.