German Handguns :Often more nice than practical, the german ww2 era handguns are interesting items. Section shows a limited selection.


Sturmgewher: The german sturmgewehr was a revolution in design and technology and was the first actual assaultrifle as we know them today, ever to be made. It was a substitute for both the mp40 an k98.


Mauserkarabin: the weapon was adopted by the german armed forces in 1898 and was widely used in both world wars. It was the spine in the german army during the second world war. The K98 was a development from the M98. Known today for its reliability and accuracy.


Production markings: All of the german weapons were marked with a lettercode indication the manufacturer of the weapon and its single components. A selection of known markings to be found here.


Maschinpistole: Developed to clean out trenches during worldwar 1 as an effective shortrange weapon. It started with the mp18 and went trough an development during the middlewar era and the second world war.


Fieldequipment: The german soldier was equipped with a traditional and complicated fieldgear arrangement. Presentation of many single component to be found here.


The gewehr43: The german 'selbstladekarabin'. Used as a sniper rifle, though it could not compete with the kar 98. A presentation of a 'duv' produced G43 from 1944 produced at berliner lubecker maschinenwerke.