Fakes and frauds

30 years ago the supply and surplus of fieldequipment, accessories and other collectibles was rather abundant. The prices for items was relatively low and most we could encounter was original items. The norwegian army used and stored ww2 weapons and equipment up to the late 90'ies. These items were original and in very good condition. One example is the 'Bnz* mp40 displayed on this page. It was stored well greased and in perfect condition. The K98 ammunition pouches was also abundant and at a cost at 50 nok (about 4 euro) a piece at flea markeds and dealers of surplus. When clearing old peoples houses, items from ww2 was found by the antique dealers. On some occation one could buy items directly from the source telling their familys stories related to the item. The "dumpster find" on this page are examples of how we could obtain items. On the international marked there was a steady supply from the east after the end of the cold war. Today the game is a completely different one.

Examples of what can be encountered is, but not limited to:

- Altered or modified original items to raise the value

- Reproductions offered as originals, often artificially aged

- Objects offered with a history, lack of informatioon regarding details in hope to sell at higher prices

- Professional fakes made by craftsmen to sell as original items

General rules:

- If its to good to be true, its probably is

- Buy the item, not the history.

- Ask other collectors about their opinion. More eyes, more to bee spotted

- Inspect all information and pictures. Faults are often not mentioned in the text

- It is always preferrable to inspect the item in your hands rather than pictures

Last but most important of all: If you make a mistake, learn from it. Do not sell your mistake to other collectors.