The seitengewehr

The seitengewehr tasche were made of blackened leather 3mm thick. It was either pebbled or smooth. A web version also exist. It was mainly made in two versions. The standard pattern and the pattern for mounted troops. The latter one had the retaining strap seen in the picture above(no#2 from left). It has a lenght of 22cm an are made of double stiff leather soen into a belt retaining lopp at the top. The lower pocket holding the bayonet is riveted to the back leather and sown. The one for mounted personnel was named seitengewehr fur rittene. After 1939 the retaining strap was sown in the narrowest point of the frog. Frogs made of a combination of both web and leather are known to exist. It was regulation that the bayonet was to be carried on the left hip. The entrenching tool was often used as a carrier with the bayonet in between.

Picture left shows equalnumber bayonet without retaining loop, bayonet with retaining loop, yugo bayonet for the m48 mauser and the norwegian Krag bayonet issued to german troops.

Bayonet frog between the loops on the entenching tool. The arly version of the klappspaten had retaining loops intended to keep the bayonet in place. It was often fastened by the crosstrap holding the spaten in place.

Most manufacturers of the seitengewehr was former forges in the district of Solingen. Twio manufacturers outside germany are known. Chatellerault (JWS) in france and the  and the genossenschaft manufacturer in Autria(OMC). There were several and numerous manufacturers of the s84/98 seitengwehr indicated by the mark on the seitengewehrs they made.

1934-1937     Bayonets marked with an S code e.g  'S/155'

1937-1940/41 Bayonets marked with the name of the maker

1941-1945 Bayonets marked with the three letter code with year

The manufacturer marking "41asw" seen on the blade. This seitengewehr was made by E.U.F Hørster in 1941. Later they switched to 'sqx' 

On earlier models the year of manufacture is found on the back of the blade. This bayonet made in '1938'.

Same seitengewehr as picture above. Also made by E.u.F Hørster, but on this 1938 made seitengewehr the blade is marked with the name of the manufacturer.