The latest addition of items

Late war Kochgeschirr m31

Late red painted kochgeshirr made from steel. The strap is postwar. Unidentified makers mark. As the war progressed aluminum became scarcer and the industry started to use steel.

Wehrmacht issue knitted gloves

Close to perfect condition knitted  matching pair gloves as issued to soldiers. The white "sizerings" has faded but otherwise the gloves are in very good condition. The rings indicate the sizes of the gloves. 1:small, 2: medium, 3:Large. 

M30 gasmask & cannister

Not a set in its best condition, but nevertheless an interesting object. Both cannister and mask is marked with name and feldpostnumber making a little tracking of history possible. The cannister is datet 1939. The mask is dated 1940 but the lenses are dated 1944 so they have possibly been replaced during the war. This is a socalled household find, never been tampered with by collectors. It was taken from the germans after the surrender and used by a man running his own paintstore when mixing paint. Remnants of paint splatter can be found on the mask. The feltpost nummer '51855' was used from 01.05.1942 until 26.09.1943. First used by the "

Stab, Stabs-, 1.-5. u. Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Batterie leichte Flak-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 92" and then by the "Stab leichte Flak-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 690". LN KP L stands for Luftnachtrichten kompanie.

The first was set up in Vienna and It was used in frabce with 5 batteries until it was disbanded in 1943 at Arras. Maybe herr "Walter STreich" then was transferred to Norway and his gasmask&cannister ended up in a norwegian paint store? The top of the cannister seems to be painted with "25966" belonging to fliegerhorst kommandaur/flugplatz kommando in Norway.