Medical equipment

A collectors field of its own

As this field is very wide this is only a sort of notebook regarding die sanitater and their equipment. This page may get expanded further. There are various items regarding medics & equipment interesting to some collectors.

Die Verbandkasten

In vehicles and within units there was a medical box called die verbandkasten. They come in various versions and markings. SOme, mostly late war ones, are made out of wood by the former furnitureindustry. Some are made of metal, as this one presented. Produced in 1940 it was found with some content still there. The content label inside the lid is still present. Often these are missing. Making a complete verbandcasten demands pateience as items weer used and some taken out after the war ended (e.g the scissors often used postwar).

Picture showing the verbankasten with closed lid. The first pattern early ones seems to have a metal frame on the lid. Verbandkasten for sale are often refurbished with newly paintet gothic letters and red cross. The specimen presented here are clearly not been refurbished. This one is the second pattern verbandkasten according to collectors general terms.

Die "einhaltverzeichnis" lists the contents in the crate and is basically a recipe for completing the item. The invenmtory did naturally vary, but the list in the lid here says:

1. Pizette (pair of tweezers)

2. Schere (scissors)

3. Kleiderschere (scissors for clothing)

4. Abschnurbinde (rubber band for turnique)

5.Kombinierte presstucke (packets of combined bandages in clothing pouch)

6. Gewohnlicher watte (2 packets of 100gr compressed wadding)

7. Dreieckioges verbandstuch (triangular cloth for sling)

8. Sicherheitsnadeln (20 pc safetypins in leather or cloth pouch)

9. Pappschiene (33x10 cm carbvoard for splints)

10. Drahtleideschienen (2pcs 80*80 cm metalsplints)

11. Verpandpacken (10pcs of  fioeld dressing packages)

12. Brandbinden oder wismutbinden (4 burn bandages)